How-To’s Day: Paper bag books

This week’s Mother’s Day gift idea is based on this Brown Bag Books video by Michelle Woods. This is another gift we have given on numerous occasions and have also made just for fun as a family. These books are super cheap to make, totally customizable and they allow for maximum munchkin involvement and creativity.

Paper lunch sacks
Jute (twine) or ribbon
Heavy weight white paper
Pictures of grandma with your kids
Hole punch

Step one: Stack three paper lunch sacks on top of one another head-to-tail so that the thicker bottoms of the bags aren’t together and then fold them in half.

Step two: With the sacks folded, punch a whole at either end of the crease, about 1/4 inch in, so the sacks can be bound like a book.

Step three: Cut several squares of heavy white paper. (Cut more than you need if your kids are helping since they tend to have lots of “mess-ups”.) Then, work with your kids to design a cover for your book including the phrase “Why we love Grandma” or “We love Grandma because…”. We have used popsicle stick frames on the cover before, we’ve layered paper, feathers and craft foam. Get creative!

Step four: On the inside pages, alternate photos of Grandma with your kids and artwork by your children illustrating things they like to do together and special things Grandma has done for them. I usually like to end with “She loves us!” and a coordinating, lovey-huggy photo.

Step five: Bind your book with twine or ribbon. Give to Grandma as a card accompanying a gift or as its own special treasure.

Last week’s Mother’s Day gift idea: Grandma’s brag book


2 responses to “How-To’s Day: Paper bag books

  1. Thanks for the cute idea for our kids to give as presents. Great present for Grandparents. Happy Mother’s Day!

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