How To’s Day: Sweet thank you’s

For times when you need just more than a thank-you card and don’t have time to bake a plate of cookies, these sweet thank you’s are just the thing!

You will need:
Patterned cardstock (found in the scrapbook paper section of your favorite craft store)
Flower brads or some kind of accent (also in the scrapbook section)
jewelery baggies (craft store, jewelery section)
handwritten or printed tags
a stapler

Step 1: Fill bags not quite to the top with a candy of your choice.

Step 2: Cut cardstock into strips just barely wider than the jewelery bags and then bend the strips over the bag to judge length and then cut.

Step 3: Punch brads or buttons through the cardstock and then bend it over the bags. Add accents, labels… whatever your heart desires.

I have done these as Easter gifts for the kids’ friends with jellybeans and pastel paper. We have also filled them with candy corns at Halloween, used a fun, ghostly paper and tacked on Halloween buttons. Get creative. Let your kids choose candy and paper for a teacher’s gift or grandparent surprise. Have fun!


3 responses to “How To’s Day: Sweet thank you’s

  1. Cute idea, I’ll have to try that, my kids would love to help make something like this 🙂

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  3. very cute idea- thanks for the tip about the jewelry bags- they are the perfect size.

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