How-To’s Day: Chalkboard table

My home is chock full of art. It’s not just hanging on the walls, it is drawn/painted onto the walls and furniture, the electronics and the floors. We even have layered art (crayon over top of hanging heirloom paintings).

In an effort to contain the dissemination of artistic expression in my home, I decided last Christmas that my kids needed a chalkboard. My original idea was a wall-mounted chalkboard but as I was scrubbing crayon (yet again) from the top of their train table, I realized that coloring directly on its surface is about the only use my kids have for the table anymore.

Note: Our table gets a lot of use (and obviously needs to be cleaned) so I end up vacuuming around it often. Also, our tabletop is reversible, so I left the other side alone so I can flip it over when the boys want to do puzzles or LEGOs.

sand paper
primer (I used spray KILZ)
chalkboard paint (I used spray, found at Home Depot)
an old table
colorful chalk (in the crayons section)
chalkboard erasers (found at Office Depot)

Step 1: Wash and sand the surface you will be painting. Then wipe it down and allow to dry. Tape any areas you don’t want painted.

Step 2: Coat your tabletop evenly with primer and let dry. Repeat as needed.

Step 3: Spray chalkboard paint evenly across the surface. I used four coats on my tabletop but a smaller project I did only needed two plus some spot touch-ups. Let dry between coats according to directions. Let the paint set for 24 hours.

Step 4: Rub down with the long side of a piece of chalk and then erase to prep the surface.

Step 5: Hand the chalk to your kids and see what they come up with!


4 responses to “How-To’s Day: Chalkboard table

  1. Love this idea! I’m trying it this weekend!

  2. Great idea and I love it! From Mamavation 🙂

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