Superstition Farm- Take 2

Click here to read Superstition Farm- Take 1

The Crittendens were kind enough to take us on a hayride tour of the farm. A tractor pulled hayride tour no less… awesome! Above you will see the lovely Mary Holden taking notes as Jason Crittenden gave us the lowdown on dairy farming and filled us in on how they run a stink-less, fly-less dairy.

We checked out what the animals eat (lots of citrus at the moment), passed row after row of munching bovines, went by the showers (fyi, these animals get two baths a day!) and the milking house. The kids enjoyed tearing chunks of hay from their bales and feeding (throwing) it to the cows.

That blue stuff in my son’s hands is what must be the world’s only palatable cotton candy ice cream produced by the cows you see above. I was skeptical about the kids’ flavor choice but believe it or not that was some dang good ice cream!

Mary was interested in the variety of butters offered by the farm’s label, Udder Delights and went home with a carton of eggs but I only had eyes for the jalapeno cheese curds. I know, sounds gross but you’re totally missing out! We always pick up cheese curds at a dairy on our way through Utah so to find some fresh, made right down the street curds at Superstition Farm was probably the highlight of my trip.

Visit to reserve a tour for your family, school or other group. Also available are Mommy and Me classes, horse lessons, and Chef Du Moo dinners. Be sure to check them out!


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