Superstition Farm- Take 1

The last time I visited Superstition Farm I was pregnant and as a result had a super sensitive sniffer. I remember getting sick from the smell at the farm which was foremost in my mind as I headed back for an encore visit. We pulled into the gravel parking area where I expected to be overcome by cow smell but as I got out of the car and walked toward the farm with the kiddos, I couldn’t smell a thing. Oh yeah, I remembered, it wasn’t cow smell that made me sick it was the smell of the hay. Odd… usually you can smell a dairy from the highway.

Alison Stechnij Crittendon, who grew up on the farm met us in the gift shop and started our tour in the adjoining classroom where a rooster and some chickens proudly paraded around.

Obviously used to children, the rooster humored my kids as they petted his neck and poked his comb.

You can’t tell from this photo but that calf is sucking on Jack’s finger. I caught the moment a split second before Jack squealed and jumped back a good couple of feet. (Then he disappeared but that’s a whole other story.)

Alison’s husband, Jason Crittendon joined us for the rest of the tour and explained that they have an average of five new calves born on the farm each day! This one of a set of twins pictured below was just a couple of days old.

As exciting as it was to feel and pet live farm animals, once my kids spotted this 1950’s era tractor, the animals were out of the picture. (Not to mention the hay maze pictured behind the tractor where Christopher quietly slipped off to just after this picture was taken.)

Jack and William took turns driving the tractor while Christopher climbed up every vertical surface available around the rest of the farm. At one point, Crittendon joking recommended to him, “If it looks fun, don’t do it.”

To be continued…

Check in Wednesday for more on our trip to Superstition Farm and tomorrow for this week’s How To’sday: Get started digital scrapbooking.


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