Pancake day!

I’m sure IHOP was excited to see me and my friend Lori coming through the door with our nine boys on Tuesday for free pancake day. But if we threw them for a loop it didn’t show. The fundraiser benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network drew a huge crowd and the house was packed before we arrived but we got a table in pretty good time.

The restaurant opened the whole back room just for us which we had to ourselves until other moms started showing up with their after-schoolers in tow. We were our waitresses first table of what she assured us would be a very long night as she gracefully filled our water glasses and catered to our crazy children.

The boys were jazzed. What kid doesn’t love pancakes? They played with their food, swallowed the contents of sugar packets and flavor tested most of the syrups while Lori and I engaged in grown-up talk at the only open end of our table. It was an awesome diversion in a bland school day and the IHOP staff was great! Thanks IHOP!

For more information about the Children’s Miracle Network and other upcoming fundraisers, visit


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