How-To’s Day: Make your own slime

How do you know if you’re the coolest parent ever? One indicator I rely on is the amount of messy you will tolerate for your kids’ enjoyment. Like that time we made slime with all of Christopher’s friends for his fifth birthday party. The best slime ever, I might add!

After some trial and error, we settled on the perfect slime recipe. We did a practice run the night before the party and learned that this recipe makes an enormous batch of slime so we did only 1/2 a recipe for each child but 1/4 would have been plenty. Once it’s set up, this slime is not very messy and will provide hours of enjoyment for any child who picks it up! Seriously.

To make it yourself, gather these materials:

1 teaspoon Borax (I found mine at Fry’s)
1 cup water in a bowl
4 oz Elmer’s glue (small bottle)
1/2 cup water in another, bowl
food coloring


1. Using a spoon or wide craft stick, stir the borax into the 1 cup of water.

2. Stir the glue into the 1/2 cup of water and mix in food coloring.

3. Pour the glue solution into the borax solution and stir, stir, stir. This is a great job for kids! The slime will begin to coat the spoon or stick and eventually it will be solid enough to pull out of the water. At this point the slime will be pretty loose and goopy.

4. Knead the slime until it becomes more and more solidified.

5. Play to your heart’s content!

Note: Keep slime in the refrigerator or it will mold. Ewww…

Go here for step-by-step instructions with photos.


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