Living wheel-free

We’re down to one car while my husband goes to school full-time… a feat in itself. So, imagine our joy when we had to temporarily retire the car last Wednesday due to behavior unbecoming a family vehicle (i.e. hissing, spitting fluids, and overheating) Temporarily meaning for the foreseeable future.

Combine that with the fact that William’s school bus is still out of commission after an accident a few weeks ago and you get a whole lot of begging for rides, missing school activities, inconvenience and even a dash of humiliation.

At the same time, I’ve had at least a good two hours added to my day. I don’t have to drive anybody anywhere. I don’t have to fight with the little ones about picking William up from school. No taking my husband to work (although that one’s been a bit of a problem). Only grocery shopping with my friends. It’s possible I could be sold on a car-less existence although my friends might not feel the same way.

I get the whole mom-taxi thing being part of the job but can I opt out?

A huge thanks to everyone who’s helped us out this week. I owe you one!


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