Mohawk or no hawk?

I always thought mohawks were stupid. Then I had boys and now they’re cute. My boys’ hair always ends up in spikes along the tops of their heads straight out of the shower and they beg and beg for us to mohawk or at least fohawk their hair on an almost dialy basis. We did it once and we got so much flack from family and friends that it only lasted a couple of days. I wish I could see the harm in it.

I understand that kids get judged by their appearance. Sad but true. Kids with scraggly hair, dirty clothes or rotten teeth get blown off and blamed. Kids in matching Gap ensembles with trendy sneakers, freckles and well-groomed hair get fawned over. I get that. Why give grown-ups a reason to think less of oyour child out of the gate, right?

I also understand the other side… who cares what people think? Let kids express their individuality and learn to deal with flack from “closed-minded people”.  Yeah… I don’t really feel the need to do that to my kids right now. They’re not going to know why people around them assume they are trouble-makers. They will only know it isn’t fair.

Help! Any thoughts?


One response to “Mohawk or no hawk?

  1. Tiffany Beuhring

    To me, I felt that parents were forcing teenage rebellion on their children. It seems like a contradiction to me. You have just a cute little kid with an ugly teenage hair style. It doesn’t look good on teenagers and it’s worse on kids. Mohawks on kids just look weird. However, I have no problem with the flohawk, because it usually means they at least have a normal haircut, and they aren’t limited to the same hair style every day.

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