How To-sday: Burp cloths with flair!

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A handful of ric-rac, two strips of bias tape and a cloth diaper never looked so cute! Inspired by this blog post, I started making these burp cloths a couple of years ago as a fun, cheap and functional baby shower gift.

Most new moms walk away from their showers with stacks of cute flannel burp-cloths matching outfits and blankets they recieved. But if that baby turns out to be a spitter, flannel isn’t going to cut it. A cloth diaper will, so why not dress it up and make it fun. Here’s how:

1 cloth diaper
pink ric rac
orange single-fold bias tape
green single-fold bias tape
pink and white thread

Cut two lengths of ric-rac as long as the diaper. With pink thread, sew the ric-rac along each middle seam. Cut a strip each of the green and organge tape about an inch longer than the diaper’s width. Fold the ends of the green tape under and with white thread, sew along the top and bottom edges of the tape attaching it to the top of the diaper, over the ric-rac. Do the same with the orange on the other end.

I usually do two for each mom. Then tie a cute ribbon around them and voila… your baby gift is good to give!


3 responses to “How To-sday: Burp cloths with flair!

  1. Adorable! 🙂

  2. Cute burp cloths. How are those boys?

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