Garbonzos incognito

Garbonzo bean cookies. Sound yummy? No? You’d be surprised. After dropping many not-so-subtle hints when the book first appeared on Costco shelves I was thrilled to receive Jessica Seinfeld’s, Deceptively Delicious for Christmas in 2007. With a picky eater at home, Seinfeld’s idea — to puree nutrient packed veggies and hide them in delicious kid-friendly meals and treats — sounded like just what the doctor ordered for our family.

Unfortunately, when it came down to physically pureeing spinach and other veggies to include in brownie batter and grilled cheese my enthusiasm for the system died off.

But one recipe stuck with us: Chocolate Chip Cookes (with chickpeas). (FYI, chickpeas = garbanzo beans.) I was nervous at first. Beans and chocolate chips don’t usually belong in the same mixer but these cookies stack up well next to any chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever tasted. And I feel like my kids are actually being nourished while they snack. Even my picky Chris loves them! If you know him personally, you will share my shock of his hours old exclamation, “Thanks so much for making these cookies, Mom!” That’s right… Chris.

In light of Christopher’s continued picky-induced malnourishment and the recent loss of two of his weak, decayed teeth. I am dusting off my copy of Deceptively Delicious, determined to give it another shot.

Have you tried the book? What’s your favorite recipe?


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