Starr Pass Winter Wonderland- Part 3

Continued from Part 2.

So the snow wasn’t real but  my kids don’t know the difference and they had a blast in it!

We showed up a few minutes early for sledding so we got a good spot in line which was good because the line was pretty heinous for the young ones. But the ride was so worth it.

Between trips down the slope, my boys learned too quickly how to rock a good snowball fight.

After a good hour of fake snow fun, the wet and cold set in the boys dried off in the saddle just outside the tent. I thought for sure one or two of them would chicken out but they proved me wrong!

Apparently Jack didn’t realize when he got onto the horse that he would eventually have to get back off because his world was shattered when his feet hit the ground. We’re talking kicking, screaming, wet-red-faced horror. We were saved only by the timely arrival of the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

Yes, those are my children petting an alligator. And here one is wagging her tail.

And if that isn’t cool enough, let’s throw a monitor lizard into the mix.

I can’t think of how we could have possibly packed more crazy fun into one day. (Okay, I totally can. We hit the Reid Park Zoo on our way out of Tucson. A must do when you’re in town and free with your Phoenix Zoo membership!)

Thanks JW Marriott Starr Pass for a rockin’ awesome Winter Wonderland time!


2 responses to “Starr Pass Winter Wonderland- Part 3

  1. Brittney, you are such a gifted writer! Your articles always make me smile. You guys have such incredible places to visit out there- I can’t get over how HUGE that indoor snow pile is! I sure love you the fam!!!! Keep up the exemplary mommy-ing! I look up to you a lot.

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