Starr Pass Winter Wonderland- Part 2

Continued from Part 1 .

The Tucson Boys Chorus serenaded us and elves wound through the crowd spreading Christmas cheer and Santicipation.

As Santa’s helicopter neared (it was just a quick trip and he didn’t want to tire the reindeer), the choir’s director turned to solicit crowd participation in “singing Santa in”.

So, we caroled and we caroled and we caroled until Santa’s chopper was safely on the ground and the fireworks began.

The boys settled for a glimpse of the big guy since they’ve already put in some good Santa time this season and kicked back to enjoy the fireworks show.

We lured them back to our room with promises of hot chocolate and stopped along the way to check out some gingerbread art.

Mmm… hot cocoa.

By this point, the tragedy of the ice rink was all but forgotten and my boys fell asleep while visions of tube sledding whooshed through their heads.

To be continued…


One response to “Starr Pass Winter Wonderland- Part 2

  1. Three boys in the bed and the little one said, “Mommy, thank you for brining us to Tucson for the holiday!”

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