A scarf and mittens

I remember my mom staying up all hours of the night with me to work on book reports, dioramas or presentations. Then there were the many times I remembered as we were getting ready for bed that I had to bring two dozen cupcakes to school. Or a batch of cookies. Or a picture of each member of my family. As a parent you don’t get much sleep anyway, so giving up many late hours only to face a busy day running on empty is one of the greatest sacrifices you can make for your kids.

Last night, it was my turn. I realized at ten o’ clock that my son needed to take the scarf and mittens he will be wearing for his school’s winter performance to school today for their rehearsal. I had asked around when the note came home the day before if anyone had any he could borrow but, hello, we live in Arizona. So, after entertaining visions of the my son’s disappointed face as he rehearsed scarf and mitten-less, I decided to throw together a fleece scarf/mitten set myself. After spending over two hours finding a simple mitten pattern online, looking for the pedal to my sewing machine and cutting fleece pieces, I settled into my couch with a needle and thread and late-night TV.

By 5:15 a.m. I had a scarf that will pass and a pair of mittens my son could be proud of. I hope to post a picture tomorrow but I couldn’t even consider the location of my camera at that hour of the morning or when I got up at 7 a.m. to walk him to the bus. I wasn’t tired, just weird and wobbly. Weird, wobbly and proud. William loved the mittens. They aren’t perfect by any means. Just a couple of old fabric scraps, some bias tape and elastic unskillfully stitched together but they are custom and they are his and to my six-year-old, that’s all that matters.


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