Santa train

It isn’t Christmas until we visit the Santa Train in Ahwatukee. As soon as the first Christmas lights go up, my kids are asking when we can visit and can we drop off some candy canes. Both sets of grandparents live in Ahwatukee and we visit most every Sunday but it’s almost impossible for us to leave the area with all kids still in shirts, pants and shoes making it hard to want to brave the cold. (They have to get out. This is not a drive-by display.)

Last night, the stars aligned just so and I left my mom’s with three kids dressed for the weather. I didn’t tell them where we were going but kids have a sense about these things. They squealed as we wound through the neighborhood and unbuckled at the bottom of the street. We were late enough that we had the rare opportunity of being the only visitors at the time.

I enjoyed watching the snowflakes dance to the music on the mountain while my boys got their candy canes from the candy cane car and pushed the “go button” to their hearts’ content. (You can also flash your brights to make the train go. But trust me, your kids will want to get out.)

Thank you Polimenes for all your hard work! Your light display is one of the greatest highlights of our Christmas season.


2 responses to “Santa train

  1. Where is the house located? I live in Ahwatukee and have never heard of this display.

    • Hi Kelly,

      It’s in Club West. The address is on their website, If you’re on Chandler Blvd. you pass the Club West sign at the top of the hill and it’s the neighborhood almost at the bottom. The turn is easy to miss but you will see the tree and snowflakes on the mountain as you come down the hill.

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