You shoulda’ put a sling on ’em

I am still wearing my toddler in a sling. At two-and-a-half and almost 40 pounds my arms only last for so long lugging him around. But he gets tired of walking. He gets clingy when he misses a nap. He loses his shoes… whatever. And I have to carry him. So, out comes the sling, in goes the kid and we’re all happy.

It’s easy to slide my son in and out of our ring sling all day as his two-year-old will demands so i’ve pretty much shelved my other slings and wraps for now. I’m a huge fan of the ring sling. So, when I saw this video I had to share it. Yes, it’s silly but as a sling-lovin’ mama, I applaud these ladies for getting the babywearing word out.


2 responses to “You shoulda’ put a sling on ’em

  1. I carried my babies in slings as long as I possibly could! One of my greatest sling memories was being a tourist in Manhattan with 3 kids–the youngest was 18 months old and we took her in the sling every where. No need to go back to the hotel for a nap. She rode the subway, went to Central Park, was seen on the Today Show all in her ring sling. This video just made me want to hold a baby all snug in a sling.

  2. Good on you!
    I wore my four year old on my back in a wrap the other day at the shops – he LOVED it!
    Here he is!

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