Really? With your kids in the car?

To the Driver of the White Minivan,

Did you go to traffic school with the guy in the white Lexus? And the woman in the red Town & Country and the guy in that hideous, sporty orange “pickup”. Was your teacher high? Did you not go to kindergarten where the rest of us learned consideration, respect and sharing? Your mom didn’t teach you manners? If you had gone to Sunday school, you might have learned about the golden rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you.

All I wanted was to exit the freeway but apparently that was too much to ask of you who didn’t care to share your lane. When I sped up to merge, you sped up, blocking my way. When I slowed down, you slowed down. I was left to decide if whether to continue on to the next exit quite a ways past my home or to fully brake in the middle of the freeway and tear through a gore point. You put a mother and her car full of children in a dangerous position and I’m more than a little disgusted with you. What would your mother think?

I would have hid my face too the way you did when I pulled up beside you. How embarrassing. Maybe next time you will think before putting other drivers in such impossible situations on our roadways but I seriously doubt it.


One Ticked-Off Mommy


One response to “Really? With your kids in the car?

  1. totally agree with you with one exception. the golden rule exists in most belief system, no god, one god, many gods.
    my children were raised to treat others as you would be treated. never went to sunday school.
    the rest of your rant- right on!

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