St. Nick’s Lights

We visited Santa before Christmas. Plain sinful in my husband’s book, but when we were invited to a media preview night to St. Nick’s Lights in Scottsdale, I couldn’t refuse! Since my husband couldn’t make it, I dragged a couple of friends to help herd the kiddos.

The lights were beautiful. We saw a family of T-Rexes, fish jumping from a pond, dancing trees and so much more. The kids had a great time exploring but the look but don’t touch rule was almost painful for them. I was quite impressed with their restraint (who knew my kids posessed any) but I could see the internal battle flickering across their little faces each time a new display caught their eyes and I had to constantly remind them not to touch.

There was plenty of ground to explore and a train ride on through the lights was the cherry on top. Unfortunately, my boys had trouble with that pesky “stay seated” rule.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the lights, especially the adults. I wouldn’t recommend trying this with small children without enough available adult hands to restrain each child. Put young ones in strollers and brief older children on light viewing decorum ahead of time.

Most importantly, don’t forget to get a picture with Santa on your way out. (FYI, a 5×7 $10 and you won’t be able to snap your own like I did here but your picture will be of better quality.)


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