Laundry challenged

From what I’ve gleaned over a couple years of stealthy reconnaissance, most moms do laundry at night. They put the kids to bed (or even better, Dad does it), settle in with a favorite show, and fold. That sounds awesome! It also gives me an excuse not to get the laundry done. I do all of my work at night. I’m gonna’ say it also explains away my sticky floors, dusty piano and smudgy walls but that’s beside the point.

My simple system of living out of laundry baskets has recently come under scrutiny and I’d love to be able to find matching socks for everyone but I can’t seem to figure out when I’m supposed to get it done. (Yes, thank you, I do realize how ridiculous I sound.)

I talked with organizer Susan Stewart about laundry for an upcoming article (watch for the January issue) and she recommended getting the kids involved and making them responsible for putting away their own laundry. That sounds like a lot of work. Susan started helping her son put away his laundry when he was three and her daughter wasn’t much older… basically my kids’ ages. Now it’s a regular after-school responsibility. I’m diggin’ this idea but I can’t even get the laundry put away myself, let alone train my kids in the procedure on a daily basis. (Again, ridiculous. I’m aware.)

So, work-at-home moms, mompreneurs and PTO presidents, how do you do it?


4 responses to “Laundry challenged

  1. i think the sock part of laundry is what slows things down. You can set up a dirty sock basket and a clean sock basket for the boys and never have to worry with matching again! OR, you can also teach them to count and match them. yes, you can! thirteen was the age when mine started doing their own laundry, but i think kids could learn earlier than that. and the sooner you train them to do this stuff themselves, the better! worth it!

  2. Ugh! I remember that chore too easily. I’m pretty sure half my childhood was spent sitting on my mom’s bed folding laundry and putting my clothes away. So my guess is it CAN be done. good luck my friend!

  3. Looks like you are a true expert. Did ya study about the topic? haha

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