The ultimate hands-free device

Yesterday I spoke at Banner Del Webb hospital about the five things I wish I knew before I was a mom. In light of the fact that I only covered about half of my material in the 30 minutes provided, I would probably call it five categories of things I wish I’d known.

It was awesome to have the opportunity to pass on information I learned the hard way to new and expecting parents in the hopes that they will be better prepared for what’s coming than I was.

So, today I wondered, why am I not sharing those things here on my blog? I think I should. Since I just received my October issue of RAK magazine with my article about choosing the right baby carrier for you and since it is the end of International Babywearing Week I will mention that my ring sling is the #1 lifesaving item I wish I’d had with my first baby. Mine is a Taylor Made, created by Chandler mom LeAnn Contessa and has made my job about 300 times easier than it could have been.

I had a Snugli with my first but it just didn’t get the job done and now I hear concerns about their safety with young babies’ spines. It worked okay at the mall or on a hike but for day to day activities I needed something that would move with me naturally leaving no tiny limbs flailing about. My baby was almost five months old when I found out his brother was on the way. At that point, a good sling shifted from a want to a need.

My second was days old when we arrived at Contessa’s home to choose our first sling. She helped me get it properly adjusted, showed me how to nurse my baby in it, answered my questions and sent me home where I unloaded the dishwasher while feeding my baby. Glorious freedom!

You can learn more about babywearing in the October issue of Raising Arizona Kids Magazine or here and here.


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