Number one mom

100_1599 William has been out of school sick, and tearfully noted many times over the weekend that he had a Mother’s Day gift for his mom but that it was inaccessibly stored in his classroom.  The moment he walked through the door from school today , he presented his backpack to me with an earsplitting grin. “Mom! If you look inside you might find something special for you!”

And there it was… the most beautiful, potted,  red-paper snapdragon I have ever seen and a folder of precious sentiments meant for his mother. “Read it out loud for us, Mom!” William crowed as my eyes scanned the page.

“Okay,” I began. “My mom’s name is: Brittney.

“She is special because: she loves me a lot!

“I like it when my mom: plays with me!

“My mom can do many things! I think that she’s best at: cleaning up and helping.

“My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by: taking care of my brothers!

“My mom is as pretty as a: flower.

“My mom is smart! She even knows: that I know everything better than [gasp]…uh, I…uh, er…” I stopped myself from scolding my sweet beaming boy after reading, She even knows: that I know everything better than my brother! and continued, “I would like to tell my mom: that I love her!”

William, now bouncing involuntarily with glee, pointed to the foam cutout design the flower pot and spouted, “And that’s you defending our home from bad guys! From the starfish bad guys!” There you have it! Me. Number one mom. Mother’s day 2009.


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