Life is never dull

Highlights from my morning:

“Stop putting your shadow in front of mine you stinky buuuuummm!” – Christopher

William, carrying a feather in from the front lawn, “Mom… maybe we can keep this so that when I am a doctor, when I grow up, I can dip it in ink and I can write with it.”

Jack slid in the ever present gravel on the school sidewalk and skinned his knees. (This is only significant because William badly skinned his knees yesterday and Chris went down in the same place as Jack the morning before, minutes after Jack sliced his finger in the car. This is getting old)

Home from our morning-ly grocery trip, I shared some Fig Newtons with the little ones at the table when Chris said in his whiniest voice, “Mom, why do you always give me the cracked ones?” I looked at his cookie which was obviously intentionally smashed and back up to his face as it split into a grin. “I tricked you, Mom.”


One response to “Life is never dull

  1. feather dipped in ink? Where did he ever get that idea? I love it.

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