William’s masterpiece

The artist currently known as William

The artist currently known as William

I drove carefully this morning, easing around corners, not my usual style, to pick up William’s friend for school. Every thirty seconds or so I adjusted his carefully crafted diorama on the seat next to me. He put so much work into it and if I had anything to do with misplacing one blade of plastic grass I would never forgive myself.

His friend climbed in the car with her otter diorama and launched into telling him what a great time she’d had selecting just the right rocks and “trees”for her projected in her yard. William shot back with an exclamation about how he and his dad had painted the head of a golden eagle toy of his white to look like the bald eagle he was assigned. And, “daddy covered my box with paper so I could color it and I put bunnies and piranhas because that’s what a bald eagle eats and I drew on a hunter and…”

William’s kindersteps class visited to zoo last week and each child was assigned an animal to learn about and take a picture with. Then they had the next week to write a written report (fill out a worksheet) on the animal and build a diorama.

If you know me, you probably know that I wasn’t excited about this project. Zoo? Fun. Diorama? Not so much. I’m not a big fan of any homework at all for William’s age and I always complain about how much he has to do. (I won’t mention here that he enjoys it.) I inevitably grumble when he brings home a “project” assignment, “Seriously? He’s five.” But the outcome is always the same; my son does a bang-up job, gets one-on-one time with his parents, is busting buttons proud of what he accomplished and I’m grateful we had the opportunity to do it. Okay, okay… so maybe this one was a good idea.


One response to “William’s masterpiece

  1. That big grin is worth all the hard work. You have created a precious memory for William!
    BTW- He likes to say “balden” eagle. Good combo don’t you think? He’s growing too quickly.

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